Let it Go

It is 4.15 am right now and I was thinking this is a good time to share my next tip for getting organised and this one, may also help your sleep.

So many things can affect our sleep and there are many solutions that you can try to improve the quality and amount of sleep you get. I have, over the years, tried most of them and I have to say I have simply come to accept that I need to get to bed around 10.00 pm, and I will be up around 4.00 am. I will also wake several times in-between.

When I go to bed I can pretty much fall asleep immediately and if I wake during the night I am no longer awake for hours at a time. This is partially, if not completely, down to more planning. It sounds crazy but I am going to introduce you to a technique that was recommended to me by a therapist and it has really worked. It might help you too so this is my next tip to being organised.

So here it is:

Keep a small notebook and pen beside your bed. Before you go to sleep, write down a list of things that are on you mind. This can be anything at all; things you forgot to pick up from the shop, things you should have done but didn’t, something that is worrying you. This is mainly negative stuff that will stop you from sleeping because you are thinking about it whether you realise it or not. Once you have written it down, you can let it go. It is also important that once you have written this down, you follow it with at least one positive thought such as a great thing that happened that day or something you are thankful for. None of this needs to be formatted in any way, just write it down.

If you wake up during the night and you have something on your mind, grab your little book and write this down too, then its gone from your thoughts as it is on paper. You will very probably get back to sleep more easily. I am not saying this will definitely work for you but it is worth a try. It changed my sleep no end and takes just a couple of minutes.

When you get up, you can take a quick look at your list and you may find, most of what you had written is not important but there may be something on that list that you really need to add to your daily plan. Then, you will not need to worry, or write about it before bed a second night. You will also see what was good about the day before and this will start you on a positive foot for the day ahead. This little notebook became one of most important planning tools and it improved my sleep at the same time.

I hope you give this a try and I would love to hear from you if it works out. Thanks for reading. Tracie x


15 thoughts on “Let it Go

  1. Chantale Lepage July 19, 2018 — 5:10 am

    Yes!!! I have been wanting to do this for a very long time! It is time to chose on of my many notebooks and give it a home by my bed! πŸ’“ thanks for this great tip πŸ˜‰πŸ’•

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  2. Good advice! I have been waking up so early these light mornings and I’m trying to learn just to live with it!

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  3. Reblogged this on yarn and pencil and commented:
    Hi lovelies, my YouTube friend, Tracie, who has been a great inspiration to me, has started a blog and I thought many of you may be interested….

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  4. I always have pen and paper bedside me at night. It’s really good to have on hand as inspiration often occurs at night πŸ˜ƒ

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    1. I wonder how you do this without disturbing the person next to you. If I was to sit up and write it would wake up my husband who has to be up very early in the morning and he would find it hard to get back to sleep. Do you get up and leave the room?

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      1. Nope, My other half sleeps like a rock! At least maybe try writing before sleep. Like I said, its what works for you! x

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      2. Hi Lesley, I often write in the dark when necessary! I can usually read it the next day πŸ˜†

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      3. Oh my, I better start eating more carrots!

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    2. Me too, Tracey. I sometimes write notes about dreams I’ve been having. TTFN.

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  5. Sound like a good idea. I might have a long list though. Hi from New Zealand.

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  6. Sounds a good idea…. but I am a night owl so I am just going to bed around the time you are getting up… ha ha!! At the moment it starts to get light around then. So it’s that that prevents me from going to sleep if I do have trouble which is rare!! But I find writing things down helps me to unload a full up mind so I think it can work almost anytime of the day too. 😊😊😊

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  7. Great advise and you can write your dreams down too! LOL


  8. Tracie first I want to congratulate you on your web page. And secondly I would like to thank you for the creativity you share on you tube. I watch all your videos and have learned so much from your tutorials. I love the style of your crafts and do try to recreate what you teach. Thank you .

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