Where have all the journals gone?

My journals that is!


It has been a very stressful few weeks for me – well to be honest more like frustrating!  I have been spending a lot of time preparing accounts for my Tax Return (don’t we all just love that) and trying to secure Liability Insurance for my very small business.  The issue I seemed to have, as a UK seller on Etsy, is that most of my physical sales were to the USA and Canada.  There is no risk at all with digital items of course, so no problems there.


If you have any concerns about insurance, I would certainly recommend a bit of Google research and contacting a broker if you are really interested.  Weigh up your own circumstances though, as this is not something everyone needs for sure.

Many insurers require at least 50% of your business to be in the UK.  Junk Journals are obviously known here but to be honest, very few people here purchase them (from me anyways). I have around 10% of my journals stay in the UK, around 80% go to the USA and the rest, well, they could go anywhere else!

Side note: It is wonderful to think that the work I create goes all over the world and my journals are certainly more travelled than I am.  I am so very grateful for the wonderful support I have.

With any insurance, the more people that take it up, the cheaper the premiums will become and I did start to wonder how other people have managed to get the cover that they may require, or if indeed they have cover at all.  I received one ‘NO’ after another and it was no easy task; it certainly has not been cheap either.  My mind is now at rest as I now have suitable insurance to sell my journals wherever they may go.
It is a personal decision I have made and I am not saying everyone should run along to their broker to get insurance but once I have a worry in my head … very little can be done to shift it.  This was my personal choice and I am very much looking forward to getting back to making and selling my journals worry-free.
Thank you for reading, and my intension really is not to worry anyone, just to let you know why I have not been making journals – it was simply my own personal dilemma.
Tracie x

11 thoughts on “Where have all the journals gone?

  1. Wow, I had no idea it was so difficult a task to be able to have your own small business and not be able to sell except in your own country. At least not until you told me! I’m thrilled you didnt give up! You deserve to have your business and sell what you love doing! I certainly am happy as well Tracie! I love your journals! All the best for success hon!

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  2. Tracie, we have been going thru the same thing…year end, and insurance. That my friend is why you haven’t received my package that includes that awesome tool that I can’t wait for you to get. My father in law is also under hospice care, and we are spending as much time as we can with him. I’m so happy your stress has been somewhat relieved and you can get back to what you love to do. I’m getting your package ready for its trip to your house. I can’t thank you enough for all that you have taught me so far. I’m just getting settled into this Junk Journal adventure, and your a big part of it with your inspiration. Relax and enjoy yourself, we are all going to be there for you. Take care 🌺🌺

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    1. Ah sweetie. You take care of you and your family. No worries xxx


  3. This insurance is to cover the loss of an item shipped to a customer? Or something else? Interesting to hear of this; hope you get it sorted soon. TFS.

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    1. It is public liability insurance huni. I get insurance when I post an item from the post office 😃. Worth looking it up, it is one type of business insurance x


  4. I no longer have public liability insurance but when I did it was through a-n magazine and it was very affordable for year round cover. I think some county art groups (that run open studios) sometimes offer public liability – but just for the open period. I don’t know if either of these cover international sales though.

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    1. I have mine all sorted now but this will be useful. It international cover that is difficult for sure. Thank you so much for the info xx

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  5. So glad to hear you are OK. I’ve missed you and was worried your new kitten had made you horribly sick. My imagination can get away from me sometimes. I’m looking forward to more of your creativity.


  6. Thanks for the information. I would like to get more involved in making and selling journals and other craft but for now i have a full time job and have little time. Its good to know about the insurance.

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