Useful Links

Here are a few links of shops, blogs and channels you might find interesting.

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts.  There are so many I have added a link to a great list of them here: Keyboard Shortcuts

Julie from The Old Design shop offers an amazing range of images for you to use in your work.  I cannot promote this blog enough, it is AWESOME! The Old Design Shop is also on Etsy and is really is a treasure trove and you can find it here: The Old Design Shop

Liza’s Craft Shop is a UK based store and her mission is to offer craft essentials (products) at the most affordable prices possible.   Liza stocks the tear ruler I use!  Her shop can be found here: Liza’s Craft Shop

Sweetly Scrapped is another blog that offers free images to use in your creations.  Please ensure you follow their Terms of Use. You can find it here:

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